Ventana Inn & Spa, Big Sur 2 Day Yoga Retreat 2/27/2012 – 2/28/2012

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The Spa at Ventana Inn invites you to delight your senses at a 2 Day Yoga Retreat, the first Retreat of 2012! For anyone longing to unwind, or follow up on their New Year’s Resolutions, this Retreat is ideal. You’ll enjoy two special yoga sessions per day, a daily lunch, 180-minute customized massage and accommodation for two nights.

2 day yoga retreat

If you have never tried yoga, you’ll be amazed at just how quickly and completely a two day retreat can leave you feeling grounded and relaxed. Yoga poses, or asanas, for beginners can be incredibly gentle. During the daily sessions, you’ll learn what’s best for your body and just how far you can push yourself.

And if you’re wondering why everyone sings the praises of yoga, it’s because the benefits of this marvelous practice are considerable. Who among us doesn’t yearn for improved flexibility and strength, happier joints, stronger bones, better blood circulation, reduced blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, increased serenity and weight loss? All of these can be yours with patience and consistent practice. Go ahead, ask any devoted practitioner – they’ll confirm that yoga helps them to sleep better, fight off colds and feel more relaxed.

And what better location to discover the healing power of yoga than Ventana Inn & Spa! This magnificent resort along the green and gold flowered hills of the rugged Big Sur Coast is a window to the dramatic vistas of the Pacific Ocean. Don’t be surprised if the views alone lead to serenity! In addition, the spacious suites and guestrooms offer you a luxurious escape from the worries of the world. Little wonder that Conde Nast Traveler, Fodor’s and Reader’s Choice have conferred top awards for Ventana Inn & Spa.

So do yourself a huge favor – clear your calendar and book your space at the 2 Day Yoga Retreat today. Your body, soul and mind will be eternally grateful!

Call 831-667-2331 for reservations or e-mail:

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