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Yoga is a marvelous process to improve your body by making it stronger, as well as more flexible and energetic. In addition, consistent practice will free your spirit and bring greater peace of mind. Whether you want to join a class or schedule private sessions, there are several studios and teachers to choose from in Monterey County. We list below some of the choices available – there’s bound to be a perfect match for you!

  • yoga studios and teachers in monterey countyIndigo Yoga in Salinas offers classes in a variety of levels. If you’re a newcomer of beginner, their Hatha Yoga is ideal. There is also a class taught with a stability ball to improve posture, strength and balance, as well as a class for the whole family to share. To find out more, call 831-772-9642 or visit
  • Yoga is completely safe for any woman who is pregnant. Talk to Jen Kiatta Ryt in Monterey (917-445-7110) to learn more about her pre- and post-natal classes. She’ll help you with uniting body, breath and mind, which is a great goal for anyone!
  • Rebecca Cohen, also in Monterey, has used Yoga Therapy to help people in several ways, including quitting smoking and drinking, losing weight and easing arthritis and asthma. For more information about this approach that uses traditional postures and adaptations of the same, as well as other forms of bodywork, call 716-316-9869.
  • And finally, for anyone who is curious about Bikram Yoga, there is a studio in Pacific Grove. The class is held in a heated room and you perform a prescribed series of 26 postures. Adherents of this challenging system rave about how it opens your mind and body. If you’re ready for something new, call 831-333-1007 or visit

And once you’ve improved your body and soul, give yourself a nice treat! Consider a healthy meal at one of Monterey’s great restaurants ( or a rejuvenating spa treatment ( Enjoy!

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