Guided Tours – Carmel Hill Knights Inn Helps You Brush Up on History, Wine and Everything in Between

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How well do you know Monterey County?  We at Believe Inn recommend guided tours as a fun and easy way to brush up on your local lore!  This is also a great option for entertaining visiting family and friends.  Whether it’s history, wine, nature or cinema that interests you, we have a few suggestions:
Guided Tours - Believe Inn Helps You Brush Up on History, Wine and Everything in Between

  • Vineyards and wine production, of course, are high on the list of facts everyone should know about Monterey.  But did you know that the area is also the Salad Bowl of the World?  Yup, thanks to the production of lettuce, broccoli, peppers and assorted other crops.  Sign up with Ag Venture Tours (831-761-8463) and you’ll become the expert on wine tasting and other topics.  Tours can be customized, and you can choose from half and full day excursions.
  • Believe Inn staff love Monterey for its secret paths, hidden courtyards and award-winning gardens, not to mention the homes and favorite spots of artists, writers and movie stars.  With Carmel Walks (831-642-2700), you can discover the true spirit and character of Carmel.  Tours are held every Saturday and private group tours are also available.
  • If nature and birding are more your speed, then contact Elkhorn Slough (831-633-5555) and sign up for a safari or guided boat tour.  Imagine the fun you’ll have witnessing sea otters, harbor seals, shorebirds and sharks!  The pontoon boats are the perfect vehicle for photographers seeking   to capture nature on film.  You can also charter a boat for a photography club for a memorable excursion.
  • We at Believe Inn are dedicated film buffs, so for us, Monterey Movie Tours (831-372-6278) is irresistible.  Given the splendid beauty of the Monterey Peninsula, it’s no wonder that Monterey County has been featured in almost 200 movies.  Now you can follow in the footsteps of directors, actors and cinematographers by traveling to the many famous movie sites.  Individual and group tours are offered, and, yes, bring your camera!

Another key detail you should know about Monterey is that Believe Inn is the ideal host for your visitors!

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