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Old Fisherman’s Wharf

Old Fishermans Wharf Monterey Bay, California, USAIf you’re visiting Monterey, something that should be on your “must-do” list is the Old Fisherman’s Wharf. Built in 1870 for passenger and freight service, it has grown into a great place to take in the sights, sounds, and smells of Monterey. The wharf is lined with seafood restaurants ranging from casual to formal indoor dining with views of the bay. While sampling the tastes from local restaurants, take the time to enjoy watching the local wildlife: the sea lions lounging on rocks while otters splash and play in the calm harbor waters.

Feeling adventurous? Take to the waters with a glass bottom boat tour, deep-sea fishing trip, or whale watching tour. Experience the tranquil beauty of whale watching, a year round treat on the wharf. Many tours are very family friendly and some are narrated by marine biologists with at least 10 years of experience on the Bay.

Enjoy exploring the gift shops, jewelry stores, art galleries, and candy shops. A favorite activity on the wharf for both tourists and locals is sailing on the Monterey Bay along Cannery Row. Monterey Bay Sailing offers daily sailing cruises year round, including romantic dinner cruises and fun family adventures.

Nestled upstairs in a building near the tip of the Wharf lays the Wharf Theater. The theater has been in operation since 1976 and includes productions of dramas, musicals, comedies, and radio and Broadway reviews.

Got your kids along with you? Grab some memories by having your family brought to life in a caricature or letting your kids get their face painted. Bring out the inner kid in you by grabbing some freshly spun salt water taffies or enjoying some kettle corn fresh from the popper.

If you know you’ll be in the area, sign up for some free coupons to be sent to your e-mail address to help you plan your trip.  Don’t forget to check out Believe Inn for all of your hotel needs.

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Saving Sharks with the Aquarium

Join the Monterey Aquarium to help save sharks and saving the ocean. Sharks have roamed our oceans for millions of years, and today we’re faced with the reality that a third of open ocean sharks are threatened with extinction. Around the world two sharks die every second, up to 70 million a year.

1455015739_a40ec74ad5In many nations (including the United States), the government has stepped up to restrict or ban shark finning in their water. Even though it’s illegal to cut the fins off of a shark in U.S. water, it is still legal to own, sell, or distribute the fins. Now it’s up to the states to ban the sale of shark fins – by eliminating the market it can go a long way toward protecting sharks in the wild.

Shark populations worldwide are in serious decline. Sharks reproduce late in life and have few offspring, given the numbers of sharks dying each year it’s no surprise there is a serious decline. Two of California ports are leading points of entry for all shark fins coming into the United States.

Now Californians have a chance to take actions. Two California state legislators have introduced legislation (AB 376) that would ban the possession, sale, trade, and distribution of shark fins in California. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is proud to be a lead supporter of the bill.

Interested in visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium to learn more about sharks or other aquatic wildlife? Plan to take your time. The average visit lasts around two and a half to three hours, but you can easily spend all day enjoying the sites in the aquarium! Remember to dress in layers because Monterey County averages about 57 degrees year round. If you want to miss the rush, your best bet is visiting between 2pm-6pm; during the summer, it’s best to go during the week (Tues-Thurs). Visit their website to buy your tickets online now!

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